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Coco Grower

The growing media coir is derived from dried coconut husk and is therefore often referred to as “Coco”. Like soil, Coco provides structural support to the plant roots, however, it also has many additional desirable properties. Unlike soil, Coco is pathogen free, has better water holding properties, is friable, and it’s eco-friendly! Using coco within hydroponic systems allows growers complete control of the nutrient supply, facilitating optimal growth and development of healthy plants.
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Hydro Grower

Hydroponics is a term used to describe soilless plant growth systems, wherein nutrients are provided as liquid hydroponic nutrient solutions. This includes usage of the growing media hydro clay or rock wool, and systems such as ebb and flow, deep water culture (DWC), and nutrient film technique (NFT). Growers are able to provide nutrients in optimised bioavailable forms directly to the plant roots. The control of nutrient supply and ability to maintain consistent growing conditions promotes faster growing healthier plants with higher yields.
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Soil Grower

Farming has traditionally involved the growth of plants in soil. Soil provides plants with available nutrients and a complex ecosystem of microbes present. Supplying soil systems with organic additives provides plants and soil-microbes with nutrients to encourage the establishment of symbiotic plant-beneficial-microbes. The resulting healthy plant-soil ecosystem facilitates the growth of healthy plants with high yield.
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